Monday, 26 January 2015

IATEFL BESIG Weekend Workshop with Gareth Humphrey | Teacher talk in one-to-one business English training

IATEFL BESIG is hosting its second Sunday online workshop of the year at the weekend. A full schedule for the first half of 2015 is available here.

On Sunday, at 15.00 UTC / 16.00 CET, Gareth Humphrey will be introducing a framework to evaluate teacher talk that he developed as part of his recently completed Master's degree. As one of Gareth's classroom guinea pigs during the research phase of his project, I found the framework and his process very useful in assessing and developing my professional practice.

"As business English trainers, we occupy a variety of roles in the classroom: from coach to referee and consultant to counselor. This has a significant impact on the language we use. At times, the language used should be as close as possible to the situations learners face in their jobs, to promote authentic interaction. At other times, the pedagogical requirements of the classroom (e.g. controlled practice; error correction) will be of primary importance. This workshop explores the language and strategies most effective for each various different teacher roles and situations in the business English classroom. I will demonstrate a newly-developed framework and procedure that teachers can use to evaluate the language used in their classes. Using video examples from my own MA dissertation, we will discuss how this approach can be used by business English trainers to develop a more principled approach to classroom interaction, making training more authentic and effective for our learners." - Gareth Humphrey

The online workshop is free and open to all. The recording will be made available to IATEFL BESIG members.

You can join the worshop on Sunday, 1 February 2015, here.

For more information on becoming an IATEFL BESIG member click here.

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