Monday, 19 May 2014

Talking shop | Teaching materials

Keep it simple, stupid.

Unfortunately, this is a maxim I sometimes forget. And when I do, I can end up over-complicating a lesson or activity; creating unnecessary work for the learners and myself in the process.

I was reminded of this last week when a colleague recommended a rough-and-ready handout that he'd been using to get learners to talk about their company and discuss learning vocabulary. As it turned out, the worksheet was one that I'd made and dropped on our system a couple of years ago.

Called Talking shop, the handout is nothing fancier than a splatter of keywords on a page. Words such as subsidiary, human resources and sector. I've used it in the past to introduce a course, set objectives, develop meeting skills, extend vocabulary, explore learning strategies, encourage learner autonomy, practise report writing and more. Simple, unfussy and effective. You can download a copy here if you'd like.

Do you have any plain, multi-purpose materials that you like to use? It'd be great to hear from you if you do. Feel free to share your ideas or any links in the comments below.

Kiss and tell: The plainest materials are often the best.

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