Tuesday, 29 April 2014

IATEFL BESIG Weekend Workshop with John Hughes | Integrating critical thinking into business English

Yesterday evening I had a first and final rehearsal with John Hughes for his IATEFL BESIG Weekend Workshop on Sunday, 4 May 2014, at 14.00 UTC / 15.00 BST / 16.00 CEST. Unfortunately, I'll be travelling between Porto and Düsseldorf on the day, but based on what I saw it promises to be an very interesting session.

In addition to some background and theory, John will be talking about practical ways to integrate critical thinking skills into the business English classroom. He's also doing a series of blog posts leading up to the session with the first one on the demand for critical thinking in business published yesterday.

"In a recent article on the subject of technology and the 21st century workplace, The Economist (January 18th, 2004) made the following demand: "Schools need to change, to foster the creativity that humans will need to set them apart from computers. There should be less rote-learning and more critical thinking." Suddenly this term Critical Thinking is everywhere; it´s one of the new ´21st century skills´ and one that our students need to be effective in the workplace. But what exactly is it? And does it have anything to do with business English teaching? In this webinar, we´ll look at some of the working definitions of the term critical thinking and how it might apply to business. Then, we´ll consider the relevance of critical thinking in the business English classroom and consider its implications on teaching. I´ll also propose some practical and realistic ways in which critical thinking can be integrated into our language teaching." - John Hughes

The online workshop is free and open to all. The recording will be made available to IATEFL BESIG members.

You can join the workshop on Sunday, 4 May 2014, here.

For more information on becoming an IATEFL BESIG member click here.

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